Boulder Dash® Pirate's Quest™

Crystal™ & Rockford™ are back in the latest installment of the multi-million unit selling, award-wining Boulder Dash® series! Help them recover their great, great, great grandfather’s pirate treasure in this exciting action-puzzler for inexperienced & experienced players alike. Are you up to the challenges that await you in all 3 beautiful worlds, as you lead your pirate crew in a quest for gems?

In this gravity-based game you’ll have to avoid falling objects, traps and animated enemies so be sure to collect the necessary tools you find along the way.

Game Features:
  • All-new, Mouse-Only Interface (as well as keyboard controls)
  • 200 levels: 100 Normal + 100 Expert all available in regular or ‘Zen’ (unlimited time) mode
  • Numerous Tools and Power-Ups Beautiful, State of the Art 2.5D graphics and Full 3D Animated Characters
  • Context-Aware™ Help System and Tutorial Levels
  • Smooth Scrolling screens
  • Option to play as either Rockford™ or Crystal™

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